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Wherever you travel and whenever you go, you always have lots of options as to where to stay.  We have all stayed in hotels, some are great, and some are not so great.  Maybe you have a family that you are traveling with or maybe you are headed out of town with a group of friends, but either way you may want to break out of the hotel box and stay somewhere where you can stretch out and have more room. 

 The perfect solution to not wanting to stay in a shoebox on your trip is to rent a vacation home. Vacation homes offer several advantages that you just can't get at other types of accommodations. Renting a vacation home will transform your vacation from another tourist trip into life long memories.


The first benefit of renting a luxury vacation rental would be privacy.  How many times have you booked a hotel room and had to listen to all the happenings in the hall and adjacent rooms to yours?  It's not fun or relaxing to hear what people are doing around you.  Or in the reverse what if you have children or you wanted to have a few friends over to your hotel room well you may get a call to your room prompted by other guests asking you to quiet down.  Well you won't have any of these issues if you rent a vacation home. You can be noisy, have friends over and stay up late talking, let your kids run around or play video games with out upsetting anyone.  Plus you won't have to worry about being woken up by strangers in the call or housekeeping.

The next benefit of renting a house is space.  You will have 4 to 5 times the amount of square footage that you would have in a hotel room.  Of course a lot of your time will be spent sightseeing and exploring San Francisco, but if you are traveling with those you care about you will want a place for everyone to hang out after a long day of walking.  A place to save some money if you choose and make a family dinner in a real kitchen or cozy up in the living room and watch a movie together.  Our Inner Sunset house would be an ideal home to rent during your next trip to San Francisco. It is a beautiful home two blocks from Golden Gate Park and near many great restaurants and shops!

Another great thing about renting a vacation home is the extra time you will spend together as a group. When everyone is separated into separate rooms, there isn't any common area for the group to congregate.

Well, staying in a vacation rental home will solve this problem. You will be able to have your coffee together in the morning, the kids can go downstairs and watch cartoons in the morning, instead of waking you up, and in the evening, the adults can sit down and have a glass of wine together while the kids are off to sleep.

Maybe you are traveling for business and are going to be in San Francisco on an extended stay. What better than to stay in a house where you can relax and really take advantage of your surroundings?  After the first few days you may grow weary of eating out three meals a day.  It is great to have the option of cooking a meal and have a full size fridge to store all your favorite food and snacks. Our Potrero Hill house would be a great corporate rental for just this purpose. It is a block away from dowtown and the freeway if you need to get around the Bay Area quickly.